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Riverside Go Go® Endurance Li

A strong battery powers your scooter.  What makes the Go Go Endurance Li Mobility Scooter unique is its battery performance. With lithium technology, Pride's most well-liked mobility scooter portfolio offers faster battery charging, longer battery life, and increased dependability. The same technology that powers electric cars and smartphones also powers smartphones. Lithium batteries are lighter and pack more power into smaller packages. The standard 8 amp hour battery that comes with the Go Go Endurance Li is safe to bring on airplanes*. Alternately, you may get the 16 MAXX** amp hour model, which allows you to travel up to 14.4 miles between charges.  Beyond only better battery life, there are more reasons we label this model the "Endurance."

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Riverside Go Go Sport Electric Mobility 3 & 4-Wheel Scooters

Why Opt for a Mobility Scooter from Go Go Sport  Mobility scooters provide the necessary speed and range.  Our industry-leading Go Go mobility scooter design was refined to perfectly complement your busy lifestyle. You won't ever have to miss Silver Sneakers Splash night at the community rec center thanks to the Go Go Sport mobility scooter's easy navigation and small design.  With its three wheels, the Go Go Sport scooter allows you to zip past obstacles and reach your favorite places faster than ever before. Keep your July amusement park vacation with the grandkids, renew your gym membership, and go ahead and make that dinner reservation. You're up for the whole thing with your Go Go Sport

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Riverside Go Go Elite Traveller Electric 3 & 4-Wheel Senior Scooter

a mobility scooter that you can use at no cost. You may move about freely when using the Go Go Elite Traveller® 3-Wheel portable mobility scooter. Because to its straightforward design, you may guarantee your grandchildren a day at the park while still getting together with friends for a movie at a later time. The Go Go Elite Traveller® 3-Wheel offers you excellent mobility thanks to its spacious deck for your legs and feet and comfortable 17" x 17" swivel seat. This suggests that you simply need to roll up to the dinner table or turn your seat when it's time to leave. It's simpler to travel with a Go Go Elite mobility scooter. Pride Mobility is always thinking of ways to make your trip easier.  You can travel up to 15.5 miles on a single charge, and much more



Riverside Victory 10 3 & 4-Wheel Elderly Scooter

Choose a reliable, validated mobility scooter.The industry-leading, time-tested Victory 10 4-Wheel mobility scooter enables you to accomplish anything you can think of. Go about your day with a fresh outlook on opportunities. A trustworthy scooter is your ticket to exploring and welcoming every new experience with confidence.The Victory 10 4-Wheel from Pride Mobility provides the durability, comfort, and stability you expect. A solid base for managing a range of terrain is provided by four robust, non-scuffing 10-inch tires.The 18 by 17-inch adjustable seat features a pinch-free hinge for a snug fit. You can slide it forward or backward until you locate the perfect location. Accessing and exiting the scooter is made easier by its swivel function.


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Designed to be used every day and transported anywhere.  The i-Go Folding Scooter stands with you when you don't give in. Therefore, know that i-Go has the all-day power, speed, and versatility to get you there and back when you're dreaming of taking a cruise holiday.  When split and the seat back is taken out, it stands 12" tall.  A little more adaptability is needed. When you need more room, just fold the front and back parts of the i-Go apart.  With the battery included, the total weight of the pieces is 64 pounds, or roughly 32 pounds each.  The four vibrant colors of i-Go are Sugar Plum, Iceberg Blue, Black, and White. 

Portability and all-day use for a mobility scooter Don't be duped by its portability.
Features seen in more conventional scooter models are also present in the i-GoTM Folding Scooter. It features a headlight for riding in poor light, under-seat storage for small goods, and a USB device charger. The i-Go Folding Scooter has an 8-inch drive wheel up front and two 9-inch perforated, never-flat tires in back for a comfortable ride. You could ride from bow to stern more than 60 times on a single charge with the i-Go's high degree of comfort and 9 miles of battery capacity per charge!


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Go Go Ultra X 3 & 4-Wheel in Riverside

Excellent features for a budget-friendly three-wheel mobility scooter.  With the Go Go® Ultra X 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter, appearances can be misleading. An economy class scooter will have the same amazing qualities, such as battery life, speed, and even the newest scooter styling.  Pride's unique feather-touch disassembly is included. Your scooter breaks down into five compact parts that are simple to store. It weighs just 29.5 pounds in its heaviest component.  A robust, lightweight mobility scooter with a 24-volt DC motor that can reach high speeds of 4.3 mph and a range of up to 8 miles on a single charge is encased in sleek, contemporary shrouds.  The performance specifications of the Go Go Ultra X 3-Wheel are competitive with those of the best portable scooters in its class.  Value is added to the Go Go Ultra X 3-Wheel by simpler parts.  The seat design of the Go Go Ultra X 3-Wheel is unique and collapsible, making it lightweight. With a 17-by-17-inch, vinyl-wrapped cushion, its mesh seat back offers comfortable support that is both ventilating and supporting.  Convenient charging port and adjustment knob are part of the tiller assembly. In order to recharge for another day, just plug in directly beneath the controls when you arrive at your parking space at the end of the day.
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Riverside Victory LX Sport 3 & 4-Wheel Scooters for Elderly

Imposing elegance and coziness in a mobility scooter. The Victory® LX Sport mobility scooter provides you with the assurance to continue when the path ahead appears to be rocky. Riders of the Victory LX Sport gush about its silky controls, cozy and completely adjustable captain's chair, and standard amenities that allow them to savor the ride for longer. First off, with a top speed of 8.6 mph (200 lbs.), the Victory LX Sport has the necessary speed. Open up the throttle when the road is clear and straight. There may come a time when you simply have to stop and let everyone else catch up.  Increased speed does not imply a loss of distance. Strong batteries have a 19.7-mile range on a single charge.  Smooth roads with rough patches.


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  Riverside Yelp electric wheelchairRiverside Pride Jazzy Carbon Foldable Electric Motorized Wheelchair
The Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair transforms into your best travel companion thanks to carbon fiber technology.  You are aware of Jazzy for its superior quality and performance in the industry. Let's now discuss portability.  Jazzy Carbon's frame is made of incredibly strong yet incredibly light carbon fiber technology, and its lightweight, dependable lithium-ion battery powers the device.  Passengers always have their Jazzy Carbon charged and ready for impromptu trips. They are aware that it easily fits through airport security, stows on the aircraft, and provides them with the mobility assistance they require to maximize their travel experiences. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, Jazzy Carbon can reach top speeds of 3.7 mph despite weighing a remarkable 39 pounds without the battery.

  Many Different Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts Available   

TriLift innovation can be used on any car with Class II and III Hitch.

Used Stair LiftsTriLift Mobility Carrier: a single platform carrier with a special docking system for wheelchairs and scooters.  TRILIFT is a cutting-edge development in mobility solutions for power chairs and scooters. Its light weight and compact size reduce operational interference for your car.  All scooters currently available on the market are compatible with Trilift's lifting capabilities. Including quick and simple disassembly for easy storage and clever, user-friendly operation.

Riverside Pride gogo 3 wheel scooter
The GoGo Scooter Store
907 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank CA  800-233-7382


We've been in this same location for 60 Years
Family Owned and Operated
Local Stores, Delivery, Set-Up and Service

Open 7 Days | Serving All Riverside County | 800-551-2010

Please call for a FREE QUOTE: 800-551-2010
  • SINCE 1964: We are a family owned and operated Since 1964.
  • WE ARE LOCAL:   Please visit our local showrooms where we have all the GoGo Scooters on Display.
  • FACTORY CERTIFIED GOGO TECHNICIANS:   We have a Factory Trained and Certified GoGo Technician on permanent staff.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME PARTS WARRANTY ON PARTS:  After the initial Parts Warranty expires on your GoGo Scooter (2-Years on Motor and Electronics), we offer you new parts at our Cost.  Batteries, Tires and Wear Items are Exempt.
  • LIFETIME SERVICE COMMITMENT:  For as long as you own your GoGo Scooter, we are always a phone call away: 800-233-7382.
  • LOWEST PRICES. PERIOD:  Please shop online.  THERE GOGO PRICES ARE HIGHER!!!  Our GoGo Prices Are Lower.
  • SEVEN DIFFERENT GOGO MODELS ON DISPLAY:  We always have Pride Mobility Ultra 3 and 4 Wheel GoGo, The Travel Elite 3 and 4 Wheel GoGo, The Sport 3 and 4 Wheel GoGo Scooters and the Endurance Li GoGo Mobility Scooter and more.
  • NEW AND USED:   Used GoGo's are 1/2 OFF the Regular Price. 
  • EASY FINANCING OPTIONS:  Usually easy approval; One Year As Same As Cash.  As long as you make One Year of 12 equal payments there is ZERO INTEREST CHARGED.  We use Synchrony Finance.  We can usually get you approved within a couple of minutes.  (No Hard Credit Check Either).